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New Sermon Series: Sermon on the Mount

As followers of Jesus, we are committed to his teaching, example, and life-giving work. Yet so often, the words of heroic Christians and famous preachers are more familiar to us than the teaching of Jesus himself. Join us as we return our attention to the Sermon On The Mount and study Jesus' teaching on important issues we face in daily life.

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Thank you for visiting the Northwest Filipino Baptist Church website. We strive to make NFBC a place open to all, regardless of where you are in your Christian walk. Whether you are a lifelong believer, transitioning between churches, or simply searching for answers, we invite you to come to one of our services.

Upcoming Events

Prayer Service

Wed, 8/6 - 7 PM at NFBC

Youth Service

Fri, 8/8 - 7 PM at NFBC

Sunday Service

Sun, 8/10 - 10:30 AM at NFBC

Recent Sermons

The Gospel of Grace

Pastor Jay Catanus - 5/4/14

Vision: Transformation Still Needed

Pastor Jay Catanus - 4/27/14

Behind the Blessings

Pastor Jay Catanus - 4/13/14